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A Balance of Luck, Skill & Social Interaction

The best way to learn to play bocce is to join our Club and start attending our events. Your Club membership allows us to hold successful tournaments, host events such as our Annual Membership Meeting, and generally make the Club awesome for members.

Benefits of Membership

  • Learn bocce, or more bocce, from us.
  • Receive e-mail information and reminders about bocce activity in the Chattanooga area.
  • Closer networking and socializing with other members.
  • Qualify for closed tournaments and special events, including our Annual Membership Meeting.
  • Access to special member resources (see Members Resources Page) including being listed in our membership directory where all members can view your business, biographical, and contact information of your choice.
  • Annual dues are really low.

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Chattanooga's oldest continuous bocce tournament (began in 2004) honors Andrew "Andy" Calvanese, who was central in teaching bocce, and fostering early enthusiasm for bocce in Chattanooga. For more information on the Calvanese Tournament, please visit the tournament page.


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How to Play the Game

The object of The Game is to get one or more of your bocce closer to the pallino than your opponents bocce. Bocce is the Italian form of Lawn Bowling, and dates to antiquity. Here are the basics.

A bocce set consists of nine balls, four red balls for one team, and four green balls for the other team. A smaller target ball is the pallino.


Each team can have from one to four players.

Playing the Game

After a coin toss, Team 1 throws the pallino and then rolls its first bocce as close to the pallino as possible. Team 2 then tries to roll a bocce closer to the pallino than Team 1.

IMPORTANT RULE #1 (and there are only 2 important rules). The teams do not alternate rolls. The team that is "out" (not closest to the pallino), has to keep rolling until they get a ball "in" (closer to the pallino than ANY of their opponents' bocce). When they do get a ball "in", their opponent has to roll. If they never do get "in", their opponent rolls their remaining bocce.

How to Score

IMPORTANT RULE #2: Only one team is awarded points in a frame (one trip down the court). It is the team that ended up with a bocce closer to the pallino than ANY of their opponents bocce, and they score from one to four points depending on HOW MANY of their bocce are closer to the pallino than ANY of their opponents' bocce.

Our typical game is to 12 points.

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