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Bocce.  Like Curling on dirt (but even more fun).

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Bocce.   A little like cornhole but with more class and challenge.

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Bocce.  Can be played with a glass of Italian Red in one hand.

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About Bocce

Bocce, Patanque/Boules, Lawn Bowling - are variations of  an ancient form of recreation picked up by Roman soldiers somewhere in the Empire.  Bocce is the Italian version, and can be played on grass, dirt, beach, or bocce court.

About the Chattanooga Bocce Club

Formed in 2003, the purpose of the Club is to encourage the development and playing of Bocce in the Chattanooga area.   We have regular play, monthly tournaments, and an annual Calvanese SinglesTournament.

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Board of Directors

For 2018:  Frank Knight, Chair and Treasurer; Bill Caulkins, Vice-chair; Jacquiline Rogers, Recording Secretary; Al Bridges; Jack Akins; Adam Dyer.

Where we play.

The Club is involved in building several courts as of July, 2018.  In fact, playable at some point in August 2018, there will be two 70 x 11 ft. bocce courts that we are partnering with management of the Chattanooga Choo Choo to build and use  in their rose garden/fish pond area.  These will be open to the public.  Come on down!   Meanwhile, there is a court in our "Clubhouse" at 1811 Dodds Ave.  A public court is present in Heritage Park.  There is a Boules Court at Fiamma  Pizza.  One member has a private court.  Other are planned.

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Our Annual  Membership Meeting will be on Sunday, August 5th, at 19:00 (yes we are clock Euro/military/medical!) at the Bocce Clubhouse, behind 1811 Dodds Ave.

August 25th, the Chattanooga Choo Choo will be holding a Beer Festival.  The bocce courts will be up and running!  Be there, or even volunteer to promote bocce through the Club.  Call Frank.

No upcoming events.


Some members at the 
2016 Calvanese Tournament

Listed Alphabetically:

Jack Akins            

John "J.B." Bonds        

Al Bridges        

Orlando Calabrese             

Bill Caulkins                  

Carolyn Caulkins       

Jon Cayce    

Adam Dyer

Richard Goins

Keith Jones

Bob Kemp

Frank Knight

Ron Nudo

Damon Quintanilla

Joe Pope

Tony Portera

Jacquiline Rogers

Rich Ruocco

Laura Taylor

Stuart Wood


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Chattanooga Bocce Club

1048 Lower Brow Road, Signal Mtn, TN 37377, address of current Chair.

(423) 886-4179

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